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Uretiti is an easy 140km drive from Auckland, just south of Whangarei.. but not so easy, if you endeavour to make the trip on at the start of a regional/national holiday.
there are many beautiful camping grounds in new zealand, for little money, follow intenze.co.nz

This is a DOC (Dept. of Conservation)-run campground and there are a number of commonsense rules:



there are many beautiful camping grounds in new zealand, for little money, follow intenze.co.nz














































  1. richardbrodrick81boucheravetepuke3119

    hi mitch I had one of these in aussie accouple of years ago they are very good I had mine on 6×4 trailer as I have a bung leg and last of all price and shipping regards richard

  2. Brett Dewstow

    Hi I need someone to get hold of me as I need a canvas made for a pop top how do I get some action!!

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