Q – How high does my vehicle need to be?

A – If you are looking at purchasing an RTT only there is no minimum height. If vehicle is higher than 2.1m we recommend a ladder extension. When using an annex we recommend a vehicle height of 1.80m or greater. If less, the annex walls will have some slack at base.

Q – Do you sell roof racks?

A – No we don’t. The rail system on the base of the tent will allow fitting to nearly all racks. Feel free to call or email with questions.

Q – How weather tight are your Roof Tents?

A – Very weather tight. They are a 4 season tent and are highly waterproof. The raised fly keeps off most of the water and the inner canvas is very waterproof. The door zips are covered by large canvas flaps and all seams are taped for added protection.

Q – Can I pack up my tent when it’s wet?

A – Yes definitely. The canvas shell will keep water out from the tent inner. Just make sure the windows and doors are shut. We don’t recommend leaving a wet tent packed up for more than a day or two. Definitely dry your tent before storing.

Q – Do they heat up in the sun?

A – Yes if you have all the windows and doors closed! However, with so many windows and doors and being raised off the ground they provide a beautifully cool and ventilated sleeping area in the summer. The raised fly also helps keep away heat from direct sunlight.

Q – Can I leave my bedding in the tent, for next time, when I pack up?

A – Yes there is enough internal space for pillows and sleeping bags when tent is folded down. So they don’t need to be removed between campsites.

Q – What are they like in the wind?

A – As with any tent there is some noise from the rain and in strong winds. The RRT’s are robust and stand up well to strong winds. Compared to a conventional tent the A frame system and fixed base makes for a stronger structure.

Q – Does moisture build up inside?

A – In cold weather and with windows shut some moisture can form. We recommend having side windows open slightly if moisture is forming.

Q – How long do they take to put up or pack down?

A – The RTT can be opened and set up for camping within 5 minutes. The annex can be fully set up within 10-15 minutes. Less with practice!

Q – How strong do my roof racks need to be?

A – We recommend that your roof racks are capable of supporting the tent (54kg) and two adults between them.

Q – How do intenze.co.nz tents compare to the competition?

A – We have spent considerable time finding a factory which can consistently provide a quality product. We also regularly use our tents ourselves and have made improvements when we saw the need for them. We are confident our tents will serve our customers well on their adventures. Cheaper tents usually have cheaper components and a lower overall build quality. It pays to check advertised components and features are as stated!

Q – What happens if something breaks?

A – Breakages are rare. However, our roof top tents are modular in design. Most parts can be easily replaced. Unlike other RTT retailers in NZ, we carry a stock of spare parts for our RTT’s.

Q – What kind of warranty do you offer?

A – intenze.co.nz provides a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on all material, craftsmanship, and parts. This covers manufacturing defects and does not extend to normal wear and tear, cosmetic blemishes sustained during use, or damage caused by improper use, cleaning, or storage. intenze.co.nz will repair or replace (at their discretion) defective items at no cost to the customer.


  1. brett nilson

    hi wondering what is the best roof racks to get and what holding weight thy have to be for a luxmore roof tent

  2. Sara Nicholson

    I have a 2004 Toyota HiAce and am keen to buy one of your rear door awnings.
    I’m wondering what the difference is between the two you list and which one you would you recommend for a 2004 model? I notice they’d both fit by the sounds of things.

    I’m also wondering about your payment plans and about shipping costs. I live in Taranaki

  3. Just a note to those not sure who they are dealing or product quality we purchased a 5m roof shade for our caravan a couple of weeks back , from the time we made a Direct bank payment until delivery was 24 hrs almost on the dot , we have just had 10 days away with perfect weather the shade is one of the best things we have bought providing good outside living at a fair price , most of all it seems very well made , we certainly wont hesitate in dealing with these guys again ,

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