Shipping Policy Shipping Policy

1/ We ship to all countries in the World, our prime markets being New Zealand and Australia

2/ When an order is received, it typically is packed and the shipper notified, the next morning after payment has been confirmed. This means that if a customer orders online today, paying by credit card, tomorrow morning (Mon to Friday) the order is prepared, packed, shipper notified for pickup.

3/ Shipping rates depend on the type of product purchased, the weight of the purchase and the destination.
Orders within New Zealand which are under 25kg usually take up to 2-3 days to reach their destination after pickup.
Over 25kg may involve one more day, and might need the customer to pickup from a shipper’s nearest depot to them.
This information is displayed to them at the time of purchase.
Orders to Australia are delivered 2-8 days after pickup from our premises.
For a time estimate for orders to other countries, please email:

Our Warehouse location is:
110A Jack Lachlan Drive
Beachlands, Auckland
New Zealand, 2018

Our Contact details are:
Website form:
Phone: +64 21 02919616
(Please note, email is the best contact method to reach us).

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