Shipping Policy Shipping Policy

1/ We ship to all countries in the World, our prime markets being New Zealand and Australia

2/ When an order is received, it typically is packed and the shipper notified, the next morning after payment has been confirmed. This means that if a customer orders online today, paying by credit card, tomorrow morning (Mon to Friday) the order is prepared, packed, shipper notified for pickup.

3/ Shipping rates depend on the type of product purchased, the weight of the purchase and the destination.
Orders within New Zealand which are under 25kg usually take up to 2-3 days to reach their destination after pickup.
Over 25kg may involve one more day, and might need the customer to pickup from a shipper’s nearest depot to them.
This information is displayed to them at the time of purchase.
Orders to Australia are delivered 2-8 days after pickup from our premises.
For a time estimate for orders to other countries, please email: [email protected]

Our Contact details are:
Website form:
Email: [email protected]
Please note that due to the effect of Covid 19 on our business, we are unable to be reached by phone, however we monitor email from 9am to 10pm Mon to Friday and can usually answer very promptly if the query doesn’t require us to contact another party (example, having to contact a Courier company if an order has gone missing en route).

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