Secure Your Purchase by Pre-Payment or a Deposit

If you’ve seen the product of your dreams on our site and marked for later shipment arrival, you have the option of pre-paying for it now, so there’s no disappointment later to find it has all been sold to pre-orders/pre-payments

OR, you’re not quite ready to buy from us, but you’re worried the item you want will sell out by the time you want to place an order, you can secure it as follows:

1/ Pre-payments – if we have marked a product with an arrival date such as “Due late October 2017” and you wish to be sure to secure one, you can pre-pay for it by purchasing it as normal on-site. If it is marked for later arrival but we have made it unable to buy, please make contact with us by phone or email and we will supply payment details and confirm that the item can be secured and held for you.

2/ Deposit, similar to the above, make contact with us by phone or email and we will work out a suitable one-time deposit amount with you, and upon payment will confirm that item will be secured and held for you until a specified date (advised to you in writing and confirmed back by you) at which time the balance of payment must be made and the product will be promptly despatched.

The above ensures you secure your awning/pop-top/rooftop tent before they sell out.


Your order must have a value over $150.
If the item is in stock and you are wishing to secure it by one deposit for a later time period, we will advise an exact date in writing when balance of payment and dispatch must be made. This date must be confirmed back to us by you by email.

Please be aware…
If you later decide to cancel your pre-paid or “make a hold deposit” order, the payment already made will be refunded less a fee of $80 to cover administrative charges and any storage that may be involved (in the case of holding goods already in stock).


Wanderer Roof Top Tent & Lower Annex Sand Yellow

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