Our Fully-Satisfied Guarantee – Conditions

The following conditions apply to our “Fully Satisfied” Guarantee”

NB: This does NOT apply to Australia-shipped/World sales, and it is a conditional offer, please read below:

  1. Where a “Free Shipping” offer (which is offered for short promotional periods from time to time) from the Intenze warehouse to the customer has been paid by us, the “Our Fully-Satisfied Guarantee” of us paying the return shipping back to us does not apply. To confirm, intenze.co.nz does not offer both a free shipping option to the customer and back from the customer to us.
    [NB:Terms/Conditions of “Free Shipping Offer” if available. We will pay to ship the goods to you which may involve a delivery to the address specified in the order, OR, depending on location and package(s) weight, may involve you picking up the order from a nearest specified depot].
  2. This offer is only available during the 7 days (one week) following day of delivery as recorded by the delivery company
  3. Applies to all Roof Top, Pop Top, Walk-Thru, Campomatic, Vehicle, Tents and Awnings
  4. Does not apply to Accessories or parts ordered separate or extra to the Tents and Awnings in [2.]
  5. Does not apply to original shipping cost to send to the customer, BUT, we will pay the return shipping to us, this return shipping must be arranged by us.
  6. If a customer wishes to return the product under these terms, they must first advise us in writing and be agreed to by us by our return email.
  7. The packaging can be opened for viewing of the product in question. The quality, strength and durability can be assessed at that point, the refund offer does not apply to any purchase/qualifying product which has been fully unfolded, or erected, or used, in any way.
  8. The qualifying product will be refunded in full less the original cost of delivery to the customer, excepting the return shipping, only after it has been received back in our store and verified that its quality condition meets our terms.
  9. Once verified that the refund as detailed above meets our terms, the purchase cost less original shipping will be returned to the client in the same method originally paid [bank account > bank account, credit card > credit card etc]
  10. Durability Advisory; our Tent and Awning products are so strong that they will last a very long time if used during holiday periods of the year, and are repacked in a clean, dry condition and stored in a cool dark place.
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