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Luxmore Family Roof Top Tent – Olive Green w/Smokey White Fly & Grey Lower Annex
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Luxmore Family Roof Top Tent – Olive Green w/Smokey White Fly & Grey Lower Annex


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Luxmore FAMILY ROOF TOP TENT – OLIVE GREEN, with Smokey White FLY and GREY lower ANNEX

Click any Photo and then use mid-section L/R arrows (the colours in the photos are for our GREY Tent – the Tent LISTED ON THIS PAGE is OLIVE GREEN)
olive green swatch for our intenze.co.nz sturdy camping products
Swatch of the Olive Green Tent – ** Approximate Colour, this will render in different shades according to different screens/monitors

Please note, there are two tent colours in this range. This listing is for the OLIVE GREEN tent, the photos you are seeing of the tent show both colours, please refer to the OLIVE GREEN colour. ( You can go to the GREY colour for this tent HERE )

Camp in style and comfort from now on! Camping is made fun and easy with the all new Luxmore Roof Tent. With awesome ease of use and high build quality the Luxmore will easily handle the NZ wind, rain and sun it will surely face!

The Luxmore is a capable 4 season tent. As our larger family-focused tent, it includes a large lower annex suitable for extra accommodation, changing room or shower room/ toilet room. The clever fold open design makes setup and pack down a breeze and Intenze’s unique annex design allows for a wide vehicle mounting height range of 1.65m +. Great attention has been paid to robustness and long term performance, giving a level of quality capable of commercial levels of use all at a recreational price level!


  • A spacious 2.4m x 1.4m sleeping platform and 65mm mattress make for a unique camp bedroom.
  • The raised sleeping platform gives fantastic views and allows for excellent airflow making for a cool pleasant environment.
  • Large 2.1m x 2m lower annex offers a great second sleeping area or private changing room, shower room etc.. Annex design allows tent to be used with vehicles 1.65m or higher.
  • Lower annex features 3 doors and 1 side window. Back door allows access into vehicle. Front door, side door and side window feature outer oxford material doors and inner mesh doors/ window.
  • Annex features a removable 600g pvc floor. Floor zips in via an Intenze unique highly weather tight zip flap system.
  • A raised fly and clever window awnings mean windows and doors can be left open in the rain without the interior getting wet. The fly also insulates the tent.
  • All zips are heavy duty nylon coil zips for long term performance and able to survive robust use!
  • Very fine but tough insect mesh keeps out even the smallest insects.
  • All doors and windows feature outer canvas door/ window and inner mesh door/ window allowing for the tent to be completely closed against the weather or fully opened when camping in the heat.
  • All major stress/ rub points/ eyelets have been reinforced with pvc protecting the canvas from damage with long term use.
  • Fly eyelets and strapping points reinforced with pvc for great performance in high winds.
  • Tough travel cover protects the tent when its packed on top of a vehicle. The cover is sealed shut with a tough coil zip and Velcro flap.


Aluminum welded frame with polystyrene insulation. Base is sandwiched with 0.5mm aluminum panels. OPEN SIZE: 2.4m long x 1.4m wide x 5cm thick CLOSED SIZE: 1.2m long x 1.4m wide RATED FOR: 300kg

OPEN TENT: 3.2m long (Includes 80cm ladder porch area) x 1.4m wide x 1.3m high CLOSED TENT: 1.2m long x 1.4m wide x 0.28m high ANNEX: 2m wide x 2.1m long

2.35m long x 1.4m wide x 65mm thick foam –  Includes removable cover

Highly durable 400g poly/ cotton canvas with uv treatment – 1500mm PU – Waterproof – Mold resistant – Reinforced with 600g pvc at rub and stress points

Oxford polyester with uv treatment – 3000mm PU – Seam taped seams – 3 doors (Door on front, left and back sides) 1 window on right hand side. Removable 600g pvc floor zips in via weather tight zip/ flap system.

Stitched with UV resistant, water-resistant thread and seam-taped internally.

Oxford polyester with uv treatment – 3000mm PU – Seams seam taped – Eyelets and strapping points reinforced with 600g pvc

Oversized SBS branded nylon coil zips all round – Being nylon rusting isn’t a factor – All zips protected from rain and uv by rain flaps.

2.1m long – Aluminum with flat treads for comfort in bare feet – Pre-drilled height settings – 2m, 1.8m, 1.6m (30cm ladder extensions available – Recommended for vehicles higher than 2m)

Dark grey 600g PVC with double reinforcing in rub areas – Secured with lower zip and velcro down rain flap – Raised profile accommodates ladder.


  • Dual PVC skylights in the roof with removable midget mesh perfect for star-gazing at night
  • 2 x tent to ground tension straps for tensioning ladder overhang/ porch area
  • Quality brass eyelets – No rust
  • Zip – open fly screens on all doors and windows
  • 2 x insect screened ventilation vents
  • 4 x internal canvas storage pockets
  • 2 x Velcro sealed cable inlets
  • Adjustable tensioning straps on fly
  • All webbing/ strapping uv resistant
  • 4 x 8mm x 275mm sharp point pegs
  • Bag for lower annex.
  • 4 x 6mm bungee cords with hooks for pulling in-tent side walls making for easy pack up.
  • Mounting kit: 2 x  1.4m mounting rails, bolts and mounting brackets

Complete unit weighs 66kg (Upper tent – 56kg Lower annex – 10kg)


Q – How high does my vehicle need to be?

A – If you are looking at a roof tent with an annex then our minimum recommended height is 1.65m. Any lower and the annex walls will be too long.  For roof tent models without an annex there isn’t a minimum vehicle height. If the vehicle is higher than 2m we recommend a ladder extension.

Q – How weather tight are your Roof Tents?

A – Very weather tight. They are a 4 season tent and are highly waterproof. The raised fly keeps off most of the water and the inner canvas is very waterproof. The door zips are covered by large canvas flaps and all seams are taped for added protection. All our tents go through a long testing process to ensure the final design and specifications have proved to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Q – Can I pack up my tent when it’s wet?

A – Yes definitely. The canvas shell will keep water out from tent inner. Just make sure windows and doors are shut. We don’t recommend leaving a wet tent packed up for more than a day or two. Definitely dry tent before storing.

Q – Do they heat up in the sun?

A – Yes if you have all the windows and doors closed! However, with so many windows and doors and being raised off the ground they provide a beautifully cool and ventilated sleeping area in the summer. The raised fly also helps keep away heat from direct sunlight.

Q – Can I leave my bedding in tent, for next time, when I pack up?

A – Yes there is enough internal space for pillows and sleeping bags when tent is folded down. So they don’t need to be removed between campsites.

Q – What are they like in the wind?

A – As with any tent there is some noise from the rain fly in strong winds. The RRT’s are robust and stand up well to strong winds. Compared to a conventional tent the A-frame system and fixed base makes for a stronger structure.

Q – Does moisture build up inside?

A – In cold weather and with windows shut some moisture can form. We recommend having side windows open slightly if moisture is forming.

Q – How long do they take to put up or pack down?

A – The RTT can be opened and set up for camping within 5 minutes. Adding an Intenze designed annex takes 5-10 minutes.

Q – How strong do my roof racks need to be?

A – We recommend that your roof racks are capable of supporting the tent (56kg) and two adults between them. Roof racks are sold with a dynamic load rating. This is the safe loading under emergency braking. When packed up the tent weighs 56kg, which is well within the dynamic load rating for the majority of quality roof racks. The forces exerted on racks in an emergency braking situation are extreme. Consequently the majority of racks are well and truly capable of supporting a roof tent and two adults in a static situation.. i.e. parked up camping.

Q – How do Intenze tents compare to the competition?

A – Our aim is to sell the best spec’d tents in their price category in the Southern hemisphere. Our goal is for our tents to consistently deliver for the customer and provide reliable long-term performance. The materials used are all market-leading in terms of robustness and performance. We put considerable thought into applying clever time-saving features and techniques to ensure a great user experience and water-tight tent. Unique features include: Special annex to floor zipper flap ensures a watertight annex, Industry-leading robust zippers, toughest canvas on the market, seal down rain flap on cover to prevent water ingress, Adjustable annex height accommodates vehicles from 1.65m+, Easy use annex zip and clever annex to rail flap for industry quick setup/ pack down and all our quality control experience from 7 years of trading!

Q – What happens if something breaks?

A – Breakages are rare. The tents are built to handle lots of use. However, our roof top tents are modular in design. Most parts can be easily replaced. We carry a stock of spare parts for our RTT’s. The entire canvas shell is also removable allowing for repairs etc..

Q – What kind of warranty do you offer?

A – Intenze provides a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on all material, craftsmanship, and parts. This covers manufacturing defects and does not extend to normal wear and tear, cosmetic blemishes sustained during use, or damage caused by improper use, cleaning, or storage. Intenze will repair or replace (at their discretion) defective items at no cost to the customer.

Additional information

Weight 66 kg
Dimensions 120 × 140 × 30 cm

Please Note - We are able to provide very robust products at reasonable prices by concentrating on design and manufacture.. Accordingly we are unable to do customisations of our products; raising, lengthening, adjusting etc. If you consult your local area business pages, you should be able to find a well-established, reliable, recommended by user reviews.. UPHOLSTERER.

Warranty: intenze.co.nz provides a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on all material, craftsmanship, and parts. This covers manufacturing defects and does not extend to normal wear and tear, cosmetic blemishes sustained during use, or damage caused by improper use, cleaning, or storage. intenze.co.nz will repair or replace (at their discretion) defective items at no cost to the customer. In all cases, if you have any issue with the product you purchased from us, please make contact using the "Contact" link at the top of each page on the website


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