Care Instructions for Canvas Products

CARE INSTRUCTIONS (“TENT” refers to any of our canvas products, such as awnings, tents, poptop canvas bands, porch shelters, throwover tailgate units) The following should be read in tandem with our Warranty Terms and Conditions.

Before you use your new canvas Intenze product:

  • Ensure you are using a site that is level and free of any sharp objects, is dry and will drain/clear rain well and is protected from wind. Please note, wind damage is not covered by our guarantee.
  • Erecting the “tent”, generally two people are needed especially where the awning is bigger and needs threading into a track.
  • In order to keep a roof from pooling, an awning should be set up square, poles at the right height to ensure the roof pitch is right, guy ropes at right angles to each wall, pitched out far enough, all ensuring the canvas is taut, but not over-tight (this can be helped by installing springs on the guy ropes). Check and adjust guy ropes and pegs daily.
  • Never pull the pegs out using the canvas. Always use another peg or the claw of a hammer.
  • The warranty will be deemed void if the product is used for any longer than a temporary shelter.
  • Do not leave your canvas product in direct sunlight for extended periods, UV light is high in New Zealand.
  • Although your tent is ventilated for normal conditions, condensation can occur when totally closed off in wet or humid conditions, steam caused by cooking, etc., especially where another open-door connected structure such as a caravan exists. As soon as this occurs, thoroughly air the tent and be careful of any repetition. Always keep your product sufficiently ventilated.
  • Never pack up your tent damp, if pack up conditions don’t allow this, as soon as possible (within hours), unpack and thoroughly dry it or mildew/mould growth may occur. Always ensure it is stored in a well-ventilated area, away from heat (example, garage roof truss area under plexiglass) and preferably off the floor. If mildew/mould should appear, this is the result of dampness and needs to be treated. Mildew/mould damage of any kind is not covered by our guarantee.
  • If ever re-waterproofing your canvas product, ensure you check you have the right product for your canvas type.
  • Do not leave your tent up and unattended for extended periods of time. Tents are not designed as permanent dwellings. Tents are guaranteed for normal camping use only.
  • A Reminder: The information above should be read in tandem with our Warranty Terms and Conditions.
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